SNA2030, per un futuro a prova di NOVAX

… libera il potere della scienza Da oggi, disponibile su prenotazione, il nuovo modello SNA – 2030, Smart Novax Annihilator 2030, il nuovo modello di punta della serie ForTheCommonGood di RotschildsAndSons. Lo SNA2030 definisce i nuovi standard del settore, adatto sia ai professionisti di “Science Enforcment” che ai semplici appassionati di “Deniers Hunting“. Dimostra anche […]

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There is no Pandemic

Originally posted on The Wall Will Fall:
By Iain Davis for UK Column Research by an independent statistician, who goes by the pseudonym of?John Dee,?appears to confirm what many have suspected?since the beginning?of the Covid-19?pseudopandemic; that the government narrative about the disease is a confidence trick. John Dee looked at more than 160,000 admissions via…

Covid-Gate, The Political Virus – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Originally posted on The Wall Will Fall: The national economies of 193 countries, member states of the United Nations were ordered to close down on March 11, 2020. The order came from above, from Wall Street, the World Economic Forum, the billionaire foundations. And corrupt politicians throughout the world have enforced these so-called guidelines…