The Wall Will Fall

A brilliant report from James Corbett delving into the persuasion and behvavioural insight techniques being deployed to “persuade” a doubting public that Covid-19 vaccines, developed at warp speed, are safe and effective.

 My post today: 

Covid-19 vaccines. Astra Zeneca version.

(Operation warp speed)

1. “Acceptable safety profile”. Are you prepared to be injected with potential toxins, bearing in mind history of Vaccine mismanagement and risks?

2. Requires two doses, will not *prevent* severe disease, you will probably suffer symptoms and they have no idea how long “protection” will last. So, you are basically accepting an injection, twice, that could have dangerous side effects, will make you feel sick, has not been correctly tested (10-15 years is standard approval time), will not prevent the disease and possibly will only protect you for limited time, no mention of what to do if virus mutates which it inevitably will.

3. Vaccine is unlikely…

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