anyone got the news? The WHO has just released its latest buletin on Ebola outbreaks in South West Africa, depicting a clear scenario:

Guineahomepage_liberiaSierra LeoneDoes anyone still remember the figure “1,4000,000 ebola cases by January 2015”, spread across the Globe in September 2014 (let’s thank the New York Times) by usefull idiots self proclaiming as journalists? And does anyone still remind the figure came out in mid October according to which 10,000 new weekly Ebola cases were forecasted by December 2014?

As a matter of fact, the total cases figure (Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia) in January 2015 reached 22,000 cases and the death toll 8800 cases. The new weekly cases is below 100.

Containing the outbreak has been a success. Ebola is over. Did you get the news? I guess no. Shouldn’t we celebrate a success?

I explained in previous posts that the Ebola global emergency was a social psicology experiment. An HOAX manufactured twisting data, manipulating people ignorance in order to get to uneeded emergency measures. WHO, under pressure of US, has opened the doors to vacines; experimental vacines. Actually non tested, non existing vacines, for defeating a disease which has proceudres of containment and cures known since the ’70s.

And indeed, this 2014 outbreak has been contained with the traditional methods, which work fine when adopted. This is the problem; the establishment is not interested in making people aware that the fear is over and that vacines are not and were not needed.


By the way now the doors to vacines are open, so the doors to the US/NATO controlled UN (WHO), so the doors to our superior values, culture and interests.