and this is the really worrying fact about this non existing “global emergency”. I dealt already with this Ebola fear mongering stuff a few days ago. If you haven’t, read this.

My previous post aimed at the debunking of the initial US manufactured hoax, egregiously brought to you by the “CDC/WHO/establishment media” production. In short: 5135 (confirmed plus probable) cases of ebola infection (and 2152 deaths) on the 21st of Septmeber that could become 1,4 million ebola cases by January 2015, so the US health organization (CDC) told the world.

After 3 weeks from that infamous report, the WHO publishes a new buletin. In this new report the number of ebola cases (confirmed plus probable) reaches the 6724 figure ,with 3470 deaths.

The CDC derived its Armageddon forecast thanks to a prediction of the development of the outbreak, based on statistics of the infections reported in previous 3 months. Apparently there was a quick ramp up of the infections (see the WHO histogram reported in my previous post) that “suggested” a possible explosion of the outbreak; as I explained that was not the case and only reasonable cause for the exponential-like growth was that

the period of observation is too short, and what the numbers really “measure”, is the development of the observation system and not the development of the epidemologic system to be observed.

As you can easily verify, in the latest report the WHO does not features anymore the “fear histogram”. but just the plain data. Why? Because if they published the updated histogram (maybe I’ll do it if I’ve time) you’ll have noticed that the “exponential like” progression of infection has stopped, obviously. The weekly increase of infections is now stabilizing, actually the rate at which the infection develops, is diminishing:

  • it was roughly 650 cases per week, in the first three weeks of September
  • it is roughly 530 new cases per week, in the last three monitored weeks


There is no Ebola emergency; nvertheless the results, the criminial minds behinds the hoax were looking for, have been already partially achieved. Let’s see.

The WHO stated on the 26th of September

On 11 August, a group of experts convened by WHO reached consensus that the use of experimental medicines and vaccines under the exceptional circumstances of the Ebola epidemic is ethically acceptable.

opening the way to (US) vacines despite vacines make not sense for a virus like Ebola; and there are alternatives as the WHO admits

During the 1995 Ebola outbreak in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of Congo, whole blood collected from recovered patients was administered to eight patients. Seven of the eight recovered.


In one well-known case, an American doctor, who became infected while working in Monrovia, Liberia, received whole blood from a recovered patient while still in Monrovia. He likewise fully recovered, though it is not possible to determine whether that recovery can be attributed to convalescent therapy, the administration of the experimental medicine, ZMapp, or the excellent supportive care he received in the United States.


In another well-documented case, a foreign medical doctor, who was infected in Sierra Leone, has been improving following outstanding supportive care. He did not receive treatment with any experimental therapy.


In yet another case, an American doctor, who became infected while working in Liberia, was subsequently treated in the US. As part of that treatment, he received a transfusion of convalescent plasma from blood donated by the first case mentioned above. The infusion was well-tolerated. Yesterday, he was declared by his attending physicians and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be “virus-free”. He is weak but fully recovered

Despite the above, the WHO comes out on the 1st of October with this:

From 29–30 September, WHO organized an expert consultation to assess the status of work to test and eventually license two candidate Ebola vaccines. More than 70 experts, including many from affected and neighbouring countries in West Africa, attended the event.  All agreed on the ultimate goal: to have a fully tested and licensed product that can be scaled up for use in mass vaccination campaigns.

Two candidate vaccines have clinical-grade vials available for phase 1 pre-licensure clinical trials:

  • One (cAd3-ZEBOV) has been developed by GlaxoSmithKline in collaboration with the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It uses a chimpanzee-derived adenovirus vector with an Ebola virus gene inserted.
  • The second (rVSV-ZEBOV) was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada in Winnipeg. The license for commercialization of the Canadian vaccine is held by an American company, the NewLink Genetics company, located in Ames, Iowa.

But there is more than vacines at stake. Why are the autorities not following the basic principles of epidemy contaiment, i.e. to quarantine people trvavelling from the risky countries? Evidently, someone wants the fear to spread across the globe, and especially in Europe; someone wants the stock exchanges to go down. They are doing it once again.

This is, arguably one of the dirtiest jobs the US fear factory has ever manufactured. Not because the US engineered the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (which could even be the case given the sickness of the minds at Wallstreet and at the Pentagon). It is a dirty job beacuse it testifies how the US empire can easly bias the global media machine by manufacturing crysis and outbreaking fear, obscuring relevant facts and bringing the masses to self censhorship of reason.

Social psycology at its best.


The power of fear, this is the real scary thing.