welcome to the club. The warmest hugs to you, gamergaters, welcome to the club. What do you mean with “which club”? The women haters’ one, dudes, the Misogynist Club.

What? You did not apply for the admission? Well it does not work that way. You do not apply for the admission. You become part of the Club when the Sisterhood say so. It is an award, it marks an accomplishment.

Admittedly, there are pros and contras in being part of the club. Obviously the mysogynist label is not a pro; do not worry you’ll quickly get used to it. But there are pros, yes, there are pros; especially if you are male. You privileged male, you are “entitled” to benefits you’ll appreciate ever more, day after day; you can finally get rid of your “mantle” along with the armour, the sword, the horse, and even the ribbon. Put everything in the closet, and lock it. And get rid of the key, you won’t need it anymore.

Who am I to welcome you? I’m a gamer, and I’ve also been an amateur game developer in my adolescence; at that time the gaming platforms had different names; ZX80, ZX Spectrum, Commodore64, but you are likely too young, to be these names meaningful to you. Not just a gamer, by the way; I’m a white heterosexual male, a antifeminist one. I’m also a Men’s Rights Advocate, and I fully back Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). I’m the scum of the scum.

gamer_logo_finalI’ll stop there with my dignities, I do not want to put myself on a pedestal. We are all equal in this club, and diverse. Men, women, heterosexual and homosexual, transgender, gamers and not gamers. Some of us gained the award with commendable accomplishments, others, the entitled ones, gained it at birth.

Our ranks get huger and huger, day by day. The veterans, are here since a while. We were the misogynists you might have read about on the mainstream outlets for some times.

The evil MRAs (or MHRAs) in particular, the scummiest ones, those who appear, time by time, on the columns of magazines amid allegations of terrorism, extremism, and misogyny, obviously. You might have spotted the “MRA” acronym mentioned in articles dealing with Elliot Rodger, it was a scoop for us as well. And someone even linked Men’s Rights Movement to Andrew Beverik, yes, really, the man that killed dozens of boys and girls in Norway few years ago.

We have to thank feminism for this. The Sisterhood takes care of our brand.

We have been dealing with fatherhood, genital integrity, discriminations, misandry for a long time; it was just smoke in the eyes, naturally, a cover up for spreading misogyny. And we dealt also with the gamergate, even before the #gamergate hashtag even existed. It was months ago, when some feminist detected obsucre signs of misogyny in games, and in gamers, obviously. Actually, it was not about the games themselves; the issue became soon pretty clear and resided in the dominating demographic of gamers, and specifically in what this demographic think and feel, while having fun far from the scrutiny of the good people. It is not about games and gamers, anymore; it is about masculinity and the proper medical treatment. The game is not a game, not anymore, it is the environment where the disease develops. And gamers have no stake in medication. Patients have.

Before the gamergate, If you happened to incurr in the “Men’s Rights Movement and gaming” saga, there are good chances you got in the brainwashing machine: “MRAs are a bunch of misogynists adverse to female participation in the gaming industry”, or something like that. And maybe you felt some contempt for us.


Do not worry, we understand it. It is just the way it goes. In a way, it is a sort of initiation rite, before entering the Club.

We have observed, with sincere interest, the recent developments of gamergate. And, believe it or not, what happened is no wonder to us, at all. We noticed, with compassion, your struggle to deal with the hijacking of gaming, while trying to keep feminism outside the gamergate issue. Did you succeed? And what about the recent unilateral debate on gamergate? Did you enjoy it? Gamergaters, did you really expect to have a voice in it? Do you think that games are about gamers? Really? A big hug to you, we love ingenuity.

A tip from the veterans of the Club; there is no need to look for feminism, nor to keep it away from you, because feminism will find you anyway, wherever you are, whatever you do; at school, at the gym, on the bus, at work, at home, while mastering a console, while having fun in your bed. When it will become the very same air you breath, you won’t notice it anymore.


Gamers, let’s celebrate. Finally the Sisterhood has spotted you. By resisting, you are officially enlisted in the ranks of extremism, terrorism. You are profiled, you are part of the Club.

Be sincere, how does it feel?

Welcome fellow misogynists. Take a seat and enjoy the show.