The question Megyn Kelly will never pose to Hillary Clinton

Dear Kelly Megyn, I’ve just watched some excerpts of the GOP show. I’ve noticed you posed a question to Donald Trump, aimed at “validating” his stance towards women. Apparently there is a “war on women” in the US. If such war is in place, I wonder why the casualities are mostly males. But it is my fault, my lack of empathy.BbQrA8uCUAAMnIB

I’m not inferring you where trying to put Trump in bad light with a loaded politically correct question, at all. I’m sure you were just looking for the truth. And a good journalist MUST do harsh questions.

So, here I am to suggest you a question to raise to Hillary Clinton. Ideally just a few weeks before the elections.

And, no, it is not a question about the Benghazi scandal.

And, no, it is not about why she is now in favour of same-sex marriage while just a few years ago she was strongly against it (like Barack Messiah Obama, by the way).1101111107_400

Actually, this is the question you should pose:

Mrs Clinton, recently you stated that you consider “being a woman” a plus factor. A couple of years ago you sponsored and supported the UN initiative to forcibly circumcise African boys, a procedure that, reversing the sexes, would be considered a female genital mutilation. Also, you copyrighted the statement “women have always been the primary victims of wars”, despite men represent almost the totality of deaths in the military ranks and the overwhelming majority of deaths among civilans (you can check here to have some statistics on the death bill of the “peace” mission in Afghanistan). Mrs Clinton, can you give us a convincing statement that you value men’s lives as much as women’s? Thank you.

Dear Kelly, does it sound a too much loaded question?

No, it isn’t.

This would be a loaded question:

Mrs Clinton, why do you hate men?



I’m not a US citizen. And my lack of proficiency in English proves it.

If I were, I would definitely not vote for Trump. Even if I have a left leaning, in 2016 I would vote for Rand Paul the only candidate across the spectrum that could bring back some dignity to the US. Why am I saying this? Firstly, because I believe in intellectual honesty. Secondly, because I do not like sexist, lying warmongers; such as Hillary.

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