Intel 3DXPoint technology is sexist

And here it comes. Out of the blue, a breaktrough in technology. Intel accnounces the availability of 3DXPoint storage technology. A revolutionary tech with the potential to shuffle the SSD market, and likely to impact the DRAM market as well, in a few years.

What does that mean to you?

For you, high tech dude, it means high density, low latency response, non volatile memory.

For you, average pc-nerd out there, in 2016 it will be about time to get rid of your “high speed” SSD you just bought.

For you, average gamer, games will run smoother, and objectifying women will be an even more satisfying experience.

For us, porn addicts, no more frame lags during the ….crucial moments.

But there’s more, much more. Intel has just launched an initiative that will project the horizons of the PC business, even further. In the hyperspace.

Take a deeeep breath…here it comes:

Intel Corporation is taking a praiseworthy step towards hiring more women, minorities or veterans by giving a double referral bonus to employees who refer new hires in these categories

Praiseworthy! Praiseworthy? Only praiseworthy? This is awesome. Wow!

Once, it used to be “women and children”, but saddly the Silicon Valley still does not allow children to put their precious hands (and brains) on 10 nanometers technologies. So, for now, it’s “women and minorities” …and veterans.

We understand that women account for 51,8 % of population, definitely a minority. And women deserve a special treatment, far more than those sent to kill and die for their country. We all know women kill themselves at much higher rate than men, especially male veterans. But, personally, I’ve have just a little trouble in understanding how a minority made of, let’s say, 5% or 10% can compete against a minority of 51,8 %; leave alone the few thousands of veterans who will have to run (sometimes without legs) for a job against a minority made of millions of people. Also, is the bonus cumulative? I mean, if my referral leads to hire a veteran black woman, will I get a 6x bonus?

Well, it’s my fault. After all I’m just an high-tech engineer, and I have also a tedious androcentric attitude: to teach Mathematics.

Good job, good job. Universities have taken every step to make men unemployable. It was about time that society took further steps in reducing the addressable job market in hi-tech.

It’s He4She, after all.

Let’s face it; 3DXPoint is just crap, the real innvoation is “diversity”.

Praiseworthy, definitely.