A Title IX Nightmare

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You’d best get out your hip waders, folks – we’re about to wade through a steaming pile of government balderdash.

The controversy surrounds a storage shed built by the baseball booster club at Arbor View High School in Las Vegas. The youngsters needed a place to store their bats and balls and bases.

The boosters had wanted to build a clubhouse for the teenage ball players, but after months of delay they came up with an alternative plan.

One of the parents knew the owner of a company that made precast one-story buildings. The company offered to donate the manpower and materials to build the boys a shed.

Carl Pastrone, whose son is a pitcher and outfielder for the Arbor View Aggies, told me they pitched their plan to school administrators and were promptly given a green light. That was in 2014.

The storage shed was erected…

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Why men won’t marry you

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Originally published at Fox News.

Where have all the husbands gone?

That’s a question Peter Lloyd tackles in a series in London’s Daily Mail about Britain’s marriage rate, which is at its lowest level since 1895. “The state of matrimony is not just ailing. It is dying out faster than a mobile phone battery,” Lloyd writes. “For an army of women, Mr. Right is simply not there, no matter how hard they look for him.”

Things are no better this side of the Atlantic. According to Pew Research Center, the share of American adults who’ve never been married is at an historic high—and men are more likely than women to have never made it down the aisle (23% vs. 17% in 2012).

What gives? Why are men here and abroad avoiding the altar in spades?

1. Because they can: Men used to marry to have sex and a…

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