If you feel offended, I’m sorry but I won’t apologize.

Actually, the US do not suck; they stink, so hardly that the smell can be caught dozens of thousands miles far away.

If you do not sense the smell, chances are you are still a “believer” of the “American dream”, “The city over the hill”, the “American exceptionalism”.

Let us get real; the “Dream” was just a dream, a drug made of flags, national anthems and ideological sermons which have being pervading schools, public spaces, workplaces and even your own home, since the time you were in a cradle. A drug manufactured with a clear intent; to cover an imperialistic and totalitarian project “your government” has being pursuing for the last 5 decades.

Let’s go to the point. Your government has just disclosed a CIA report, briefing on the torture program carried on by your leaders, on your behalf, at least this is what they say.

Obviously, needless to say, this report disclosure is just plain propaganda. A “transparency” operation coming from the very same administration that supported the Big Brother project (NSA) and persecuted Assange, Manning and Snowden.

To be sincere, there is nothing really new in this report; it just makes official what everyone across the Globe already knew: the US have kidnapped thousands of foreign people, detained them in a military location outside the US soil to evade jurisdiction and international oversee, classified them as “militants” to avoid Ginevra Convention, kept them in unhuman conditions, tortured many of them for prolonged time, leading some of them to death.

No news at all. Nevertheless, watch the video below and observe how the US State Department spokeswoman deals with the questions; then continue reading.

Dear citizens, have you noticed how she deals with the torture program? Sorry, I meant with the “enhanced interrogation” program. The US administration disclosed the report, fine, but has no intention to persecute those who committed and those who ordered these criminal acts that recall the medieval times. My country, Italy, has been complicit with US in this criminal program at least in one episode, the one regarding Abu Omar who was kidnapped by CIA agents and then sent to Egypt in order to enjoy “enhanced interrogation sessions”. So let’s be clear; my country sucks as well. But at least, in my troubled country, the juridical power has persecuted the CIA agents and condemned them; saddly, they cannot be convicted because the US have no intention to allow it.

So, despite the clear intention not to persecute these criminals and not to collaborate with external juridical institutions, the spokeswoman dares to put on a pedestal the US for being so transparent, having made public the evidences of their crimes against humanity. Implicit, in her argumentations, the presumption that the US stand above all. Isn’t it astounding? It is not just a manifestation of blatant double standards, “what applies to others does not apply necessarily to US”. It goes deeper than that. It is the elitarian belief of being a morally superior country that, even when confessing the most truce crimes, considers itself above the others.

Not only the US administration is not going to play the role of the accused before the court and pay the fee. It gives for granted the legitimacy to play the judge and the jury role, even when confessing a crime.

Dear US citizen, it is this sense of superiority, so deeply ingrained in your country’s culture, that stinks. And believe me, it stinks even more than the terrible crimes your leaders have committed.