A Brief History of Feminism and Why It Has Always Been Wrong

Here we go…


Ostensibly launched in order to advance the “rights” (but not responsibilities) of women, Feminism has endeavored to be all things to all women in terms of a universal, one-size-fits-all ideology. However in terms of the achievements by its self-proclaimed adherents, the hype doesn’t match the facts. To speak to a run-of-the-mill feminist is to learn that so long as “men do bad things,” Feminism is necessary. Apparently, the actions of women are beyond reproach while meanwhile the state is virtually infallible in its continued necessity to expand and swallow resources in order to enforce an “equality” of slavery that can never be achieved until all private property and ambition is abolished.

However, to hear history from Feminists, women have always been systematically oppressed by government and a secret cabal known as “The Patriarchy,” which together conspire to keep women from achievement in the social and political realms and from happiness…

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