Epic Bullying

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The Bullies Won

Long Live the Bullies

Who will stand with me for individuality, and freedom of expression?


The bullying started with a ‘reporter’ focusing on an irrelevant detail instead of a monumental human achievement. It ended in triumph for the bullies when the geek who’d been targeted apologized to them in tears, because he was in danger of losing his livelihood if he didn’t kowtow to their desires.

I’m furious. This is simply unacceptable. It is not ok to let the bullies win. I’ve spent years telling my daughters that it’s ok to be different, to not dress like every other girl in school. It’s ok for them to be geeks, to love science, to be in band, to not do what all the cool kids think they ought to do. And now, this comes along and suddenly all the work I have done is set back…

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