Russia invaded Ukraine. Putin busted!

Fellow Americans, dear Europeans, comrades, civilized people of the free world. Our Ukrainian friends are under siege, a siege sized by the evil Zar.

Andrey Lysenko, a member of the patriots that liberated Kiev from the Russian puppet, bringing prosperity, unity and foremost freedom, has once again news for us.

Lysenko is one of our most reliable sources, a trusted friend, with a successful track record of spotting enemies; we call him with code name “Eye of the Lynx” or more simply “The lynx”.

The Lynx in August revealed to the world of the free, that the liberation army had just destroyed an invading Russian convoy! The liberation army, fortunately, wiped out completely the enemy. A severe lesson for the evil Russians; the enemy was defeated, destroyed, disintegrated, annihilated, so much that it was then not anymore possible to provide evidences of the convoy itself.

But here we come again!

The Lynx has once again done his job. He intercepted a new evil Russian convoy invading Ukraine with 32 tanks, 16 howitzers, 30 trucks of ammunition, and radar equipment.


This time Russia is deploying also some of his most advanced weaponry, featuring the AWT-32/TY tank, invisible to radars, but not only that. It features a worrying stealth technology that makes it almost invisible also to human sight.

Here a picture of the tank with the stealth technology switched on:51cdc30869629c8633000012

Here a picture of the tank with the stealth technology switched off:51cdc30869629c8633000012

So far with the verified facts.

While it has yet to be confirmed, some of our “sources” believe that some tanks were waving black flags, reminding ISIS’s ones. Other sources, we can’t disclose, also mentioned the presence of Sirian and Iranian personnel in charge of manouvring a balistic truck with the following misterious sign: radio_2370271b

Other two trucks showed the following flags:



This is a time in which people of the civilized and free western world must stay united; we want you to resist the propaganda of the invaders; and then fight them back until freedom and pipes will finally be secured.

This message was brought to you by Radio Pentagon. Nothing we do would be possible without the proud support of our platinum sponsors: Lockheed Martin, Exxon, Chevron, CNN, UN, FMI, World Bank, USAID, CFR, NATO

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