A thoughtful examination of facts, about ISIS

Ashraf Ezzat

“US, under the guise of combating terrorism, had unleashed a chain of military insanity in Iraq that ultimately led to the establishment of real terrorism and a real terrorist organization, namely ISIS”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Bush Baghdadi

The official inauguration of the world Muslims’ leader, the Amir of all Muslim Believers, or the so called Calipheh (Caliph) doesn’t take place in a presidential/royal palace, It happens in a humble mosque.

No martial parade or red carpet and fanfare are required only blind allegiance of hordes of Muslim extremists and jihadists will often do the job.

And in our case, the mosque was the Nouri mosque in Mosul, Iraq (or the used to be) and the new Muslim Calipheh is the infamous terrorist Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the shadowy leader of ISIS/IS (The Islamic state now)

Satanic sermon

Contrary to the confirming reports of western intelligence that the man was

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