Gender madness exposed – rushing around with Russia Today

Follia Gender in Svezia
(Gender Madness in Sweden)

Tanja Bergkvists Blog

I really think the gender madness has gone too far... I really think the gender madness has gone too far…

Some time ago I was rushing around with Russia today (Hi Katya, Andrej and Aleksej – gender aware greetings to you! 🙂 ) in Stockholm. Or more precisely, they were rushing after me with a camera and filming, while I was filming the Swedish gender awareness with my own camera. I have not been a part of editing the film or choosing which material should be included (imagine me talking and doing things from morning to evening for several days –  it’s quite a lot 😉 ). I see that the team has picked out some fun parts – I often forgot I had a microphone on me all the time – but I also miss some parts that I was talking about, so before I link to the film you are about to see, I want to complete with…

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